Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remembering the Days

I was looking at some pictures of my kids hanging on the wall.  Adorable pictures I changed to black and white.  They were at the park, and I managed to get them all together, looking at the camera.  I wanted to remember their faces just as they were.

And I did.  And still do.

And I miss them!  Those little child faces that look up at you.  The chubby cheeks, little hands that explore and experience new things.

I love them now, and I'm truly impressed with the people they're becoming,

but there was Bubs who used to put earphones on and sing at the top of his lungs, and climb on anything and everything.  Or Timo with his quiet observation and stubborn strong-willed grunts and that haunting wail when he realized that Charlotte died in the Charlotte's Web movie.  San and his crazy faces and mixed languages, getting so frustrated when others couldn't understand him.  Then there's Em and her firstbornness...all the mistakes that we made with her, but enjoyed all the firsts as well...those little eyes peeking up out of the cradle Papa made, hearing it rock on the wood floor, letting us know she was awake.

Don't get me wrong...I wouldn't go back again: to the doctor's appointments and shots, bottles, carrying tons of stuff everywhere I went.

But I miss those little people.

I'm glad I took the pictures.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Timo!

The oldest boy is 17 today.

What can I say about him.  Except for a year of sleepless nights and projectile vomiting, he's been little to no trouble at all. 

There's a few things about him that impress me just a bit: 
He is a hard worker.  Always has been.  I have pictures of him covered in grease, helping daddy fix his mower.  His favorite toy was his tool belt and tools.
He's a loyal friend.  He is caring and self-sacrificing for his friends, but not to a fault.  He has distinct boundaries, and he won't let someone take advantage of him.
He's a risk taker.  He knows how to weigh risks and is willing to take calculated ones. 
He follows his passion and is willing to work hard to follow his dream.

And he's kind.

On this day, Timo, I'm just so proud of the young man you've become.  Strong yet humble is hard to find in this day and age. 

Love you, Bud!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

So Proud of my First Born Son

He went to work today, despite not feeling 100%.  I really like the fact that he's learned at such a young age that when you work, others depend on you to be there.  It's no longer just about you.  It's now about you and others.  Reliability, trustworthiness, self's what it takes to work and be a good example in the world we live in.  And he knows that.  At 17.  *sigh*

Burleson Takes care of our Youngsters!

Just click on the following link:

We are number 8 of the top 100 communities that are positive influences on their youth.  American Promise Alliance recognizes 100 communities across the nation, and Burleson was 8th on the list.  How cool is that?

I knew I liked this place.

Working on a Project...

...and it'll be fun if it really works out.

In the meantime,

You know how I love watching people who are good at what they do?  I had a moment like that today.
Very unexpected.  Em and I were sitting at a stoplight, and a guy standing on the corner caught our eye.  He was standing in the pouring rain, and was holding an advertisement sign.

You know those policemen that direct traffic, and do all kinds of stunts while they are doing it?  That's what this guy was doing, and he was having a blast!  He had a huge smile on his face, earphones in his ears, and he was spinning that sign this way and that, communicating with each and every driver that went by.  It was a particularly long light for Em and me, but we were disappointed when the light turned green. 

All I know is that car dealership made a wonderful investment in giving this guy the simple task of holding a sign for them.  Not only did he hold the sign, but he connected with everyone that drove by.  I'm sure they didn't pay him enough.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Friday, September 17, 2010

A Kindred Spirit.

We've lived overseas. 

We're both named Stacy.

We have boys who love baseball.

We both love horses and owned them when we were younger.

We have husbands who are perfectionists.

We have some of the same struggles.

And she knows when I need a little something extra.

Thanks for the basket, for the goodies, and for the wonderful gift of your friendship, Stacy.  God just may have used you to restore my faith in people.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love Ya, Em!!! ;)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering Where I Was

There are defining moments in people's lives in which a tragedy takes place and forever burns in our memories the time and place we heard the news.  Elvis dying, Reagan getting shot, the Challenger...I remember where I was and what I was doing with each event.  But nothing compares to the morning of 9/11.  My husband, my kids and I were in Malaysia, preparing to fly back to Thailand the next morning.  It was the evening there.  My husband called me, alarmed, telling me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.  Immediately we were all watching the television, trying to grasp what had just happened.  Of course you know the rest...that tragic day, which was amazingly brilliant and blue, played out as the nation literally stood still.  Flights were stopped, televisions all over the nation were playing and people were glued.  We knew it was bad, but being the Americans we are, we stood by and watched hoping for that one miracle rescue, or the view of loved ones being reunited.  Those stories came, and we clung to the hope they provided.

For us, we had to stay in Malaysia for three more days.  Seems the twin towers in Kuala Lampur were also threatened.  No flying for us. 

The only thing that compares in any way to this event is the 2006 tsunami in Thailand.  Three entire families, good friends, were there.  We watched video footage of Phi Phi island, which was totally wiped out, hoping to get a glimpse.  Miraculously, all three families were safe.  But in the meantime we were stricken with grief as we watched the human suffering mount.

9/11 is different, though, in that it was caused with human hands.  I don't understand how any religion can try to justify the destruction of innocent human lives the way Islam has.  I'm grateful for the prevention of any future attacks.  I wonder if our country knows how blessed we are?

Thoughts on the New School Year

I hate morning duty.  It's a little much to ask of someone to be that cheerful that early.

I hate morning duty in the rain.  That was two days ago.  I was wet all day.

I love having glorious, uninterrupted time to work in my room.

I love goofy teachers.

I love seeing good people being good at what they do.

I must keep a change of clothes at school.  For those rainy morning duty days.

I need a bigger umbrella.  Three kids getting out of a car at once cannot be covered by my little umbrella.

I love that our school has grandparent's day.

I love that tons of grandparents come to grandparent's day.

There are, in some cases, complete and justifiable reasons for the use of ritalin.

I love finding what kids are good at.  That "I just did that" look is priceless.

Some meetings really are useless and a waste of time.

Sometimes we get to see courage in the rawest sense of the word, and it is inspiring.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Major Frustration for Teachers at my School?

That we can only get into our classes after six in the morning and can't getting in after six at night.  We would work more than a twelve hour day if we could.


Because that's what it takes to do the job and do it well.  And we're happy to do it if it means by doing so, we don't have to bring our work home on the weekends.

But so far, it's a no-go.

Friday, September 03, 2010

RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time

You know, there are so many things that make us unique.  I've always focused on the micro:  birth order, personality type, learning style, education and personal choices are all things that factor in to making us each unique from every other person on the planet.  But this video focuses on the macro:  perception of time.  I find it fascinating that we can be so different from others in the way we think of time, and that Protestants are forward thinking.  It all worked together to make sense to me.  I plan on reading "The Geography of Time" by Robert Levine.  I'm developing a theory right now that maybe this is at the core of why so many object so passionately against President Obama.  He is making decisions that are not forward thinking, and it is going against the very core of Protestant perceptions of time.  We'll see how it goes after I read the book.

"Sorry's dont mean anything...

...when they aren't followed by actions.  Words don't bring healing.  Actions do." 

Paul Teutul, jr.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fall's Almost Here!!!

We had a big thunderstorm last night and into today.  It succeeded in whetting my appetite for Fall. I am SO ready for Fall weather.  I want to open up the house, hear kids playing outside, feel breezes and watch the trees change.  I want to sit in bleachers and watch awesome baseball, particularly numbers 27 and 7.  I want to play turkey bowl and celebrate family.

OK, Fall (tap, tap, tap)...  I'm ready.