Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I was thinking about my friends today.  I've always said I hate working with women.  It might be sexist to say it, even though I am a woman, but it's been my experience that working with a lot of women always brings with it a certain amount of drama.  And that amount of drama tends to be a bit more than I can tolerate.  I don't understand creating drama for drama's sake, and I have little respect for anyone who feels it necessary to try to alter another person's reputation for their entertainment or drama addiction.  The amount of damage that is done in careless fashion truly deserves solid consequences.

I like straight shooting, genuine and kind people, and value them immensely. The combination of qualities is important, because I've known straight shooting people, but the element of kindness wasn't there.  The idea of "I will say what I need to say and it's up to you to deal with it" is just an excuse to be mean.  Or, I've known people who were extremely kind, but so much so that they couldn't be straight with people for fear of being unkind.  Honest, real and nice is so valuable in today's world and is a rare combination.

Until now.  Now I find myself in the midst of people like this.  It's caused me to rethink my stance on working with women.  When it works, it works well.  Women have the ability to challenge each other and bring out strengths.  We can bear each other's burdens while at the same time encouraging each other without fear of being outdone.  We can be friends in the truest sense of the word.  We can set our agendas aside and rally around each other.  And we can put some of those other people in their place by not taking part in the pettiness and meanness.  It speaks volumes.

I don't know how long I will have the privilege of being around these women, but the lessons I've learned from them and the spirit of unity I've been a part of is something I will cherish and take with me for future friendships.  I'm proud to know them all.