Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unloading these thoughts

I've learned a lot these past few years since returning to the States.  I enjoy learning, and realized recently after taking survey after survey, that it is a hobby of mine.  I was thinking about possible hobbies when filling out personality profiles for school ( I'm an INFP, for those who need a little TMI), and it suddenly hit me that I gravitate toward learning new things.  Sad, but this is my exciting life.

The down side to all of this learning is that it starts to jumble up in my head.  I have all of these thoughts and connections going on, but they just sit there until I need to use them.  It came in handy this Summer when I was tasked with putting together the training for our staff retreat.  (Funny side story, my principal told me how impressed she was with all of the neat information I put into the training, and I think she thought I worked to find all of those things over the summer.  I didn't.  Instead, it was me finding in the recesses of my brain these remote things I had learned about years ago, and I finally found an application for it all! It was a glorious moment. LOL!) Other than these fleeting moments that are few and far between, my brain is just a tangled web of connections of new information, which then requires the pondering of said connections, and then....overload.

Well.  One of the things I learned about last year was about how the brain learns.  It seems our brain is more like a computer than we realize!  When a computer has too much information in it's storage system, it begins to freeze.  Processors slow down, and something has to be done with all of this stuff.  So files are transferred and downloaded into a separate storage in order to free up space.  Such is the state of my brain.

The downloading of my thoughts will once again take place on this blog.  It's not necessarily for anyone else's benefit, even though this is a public forum.  I only have 12 readers.  This is for me to be able to unload some of the things I've been learning, and if others learn, too, or are even prompted to think further on my thoughts, then more power to ya!

Let the downloading begin.