Friday, August 07, 2015

Celebrations in order

First, I just noticed this is my 401st post.  I should have celebrated 400.  Oh well, I do feel a little accomplished with that number.  I don't write as much as I used to, and looking back on old posts, I see I used this space for making sense of some things.  I'm glad I had this outlet, but I'm also glad that part of my life is through.  It sure takes a long time for me to process things!  But hey, lifelong learner here.

Second, I personally took some big risks in the past year.  They paid off, and I am thankful for those friends in my life that push me.  I like my little comfort zone, but I wouldn't have had such a fantastic year.  I took on the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program for our district, which was huge.  I didn't do it alone, of course, but I had a lot of responsibility in it, and it turned out to be such an amazing adventure.  I even got a hug from Dr. Jeff Goldstein out of it.  He's a rockstar in our world, and that was fun.  I also put myself out there for a bigger job/role in our district.  That is something I never would have done.  I didn't get the job, but applying for that led to my third big thing, applying for my master's.  That DID happen, and being accepted into the University of Texas at Arlington masters program makes me feel very accomplished.  It is going to mean a busy year and a half!

Third,  my focus this year is on team building.  There have been some negative people on the campuses where I work, and even just one negative person can inhibit so much growth!  My goal is to foster growth mindset in my work relationships, so that it spills over to their relationships and so on, so that we all are thinking of positive change, problem solving, and constant improvement.

T has been such a great support for all of these changes.  I rely on him so heavily these days.  I bounce ideas off of him, get his insights, and he helps by checking my blind spots.  He is so detail oriented and I'm not, so his insights are truly valuable to me.  I adore him.  Besides that, he's another reason to celebrate, as we enjoyed our 27th anniversary yesterday. :)

So see?  Celebrations all around.  Should I call myself blessed?  I'm not sure.  Just because things are going my way doesn't mean I have God's blessings on me.  I'm blessed as in happy, but I also am thankful for God's blessings that don't go my way.  Otherwise I'd get too comfy.

Go celebrate.  The good and the difficult.  Keep growing!