Friday, May 18, 2012

Timothy Reginal Hughes, Jr.

Well, Timothy/Timo/Toolman is coming to the end of his high school career, and I have to say he has made us proud beyond measure.  He is a true Christ follower, a leader, a kind and gentle spirit but a hard working man's man...a person who lives right because he has a love for doing right.  Plus, I love the fact that he loves us despite all of our failings. :)

It's hard for me to see the picture of the little man before and the young man before me now, because I really miss the little guy, but he's gone so far beyond what we had envisioned for him.  We're proud, we love you, and we can't wait to see what your next adventure brings.  Whatever it is, though, we know it will be done with a passion for God and a passion for life.

We love you, buddy!  We're so, so proud!