Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Busy Times, Thoughtful Times

You know, as a teacher, it's difficult to know whether or not your students like you or not.  There's not a lot of praise in the line of work, at least not formally.  But I don't think it's why a person gets into this line of work anyway.  You have to be pretty sure of yourself, that's for certain!

This time of year, though, is a time that people, especially kids, make sure their teacher knows they are appreciated.  It comes in the form of chocolates, gift cards, poinsettias, notes, books, secret santa gifts, dog treats for my dog, and most importantly, hugs.

However, praise aside, the real gratification a teacher gets is the one that is hard won.  After going over and over a skill or an idea or a concept numerous times, and seeing the look on the child's face when they get it, it is really hard not to have that warm, fuzzy feeling.  Those are bonding times, and hopefully those moments are the ones the child will look back on some day and think, "That teacher really cared about me."

It makes the busy-ness and the work worthwhile.  I'm glad I'm a teacher.