Wednesday, April 14, 2010

15 Years Ago

Went in to have labor induced because of being eleven days past the due date. Started on pitocin. Day 1-nothing. Off pitocin for the night. Day 2-pitocin. Nothing. Stayed on pitocin for the night. Day 3-now we're gettin' somewhere. Went through all of the nurses shifts. Beginning nurse comes in and says, "You're still here?" Go to delivery. Dr's assistants see the baby's head. All start betting he weighs 13 pounds. Then the cry. Three days of labor. Sheer exhaustion. Sheer joy.

Name: Christopher William Hughes. And there's none like him.

He's 15 today, and the epitome of perfectly imperfect. I love everything about the boy. He's funny. He sets things straight. He's got opinions. He's kind. He sticks up for the underdog. Did I mention funny?

Happy Birthday, Bubs! You're loved beyond measure. Have a wonderful, wonderful day!