Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mornings Like These....

You know, lately the days have been fairly crazy. We're usually running here and there, managing schedules, getting people to places they need to's hectic. So I've been lax in just stopping and watching the world around me. Mainly because it's just my house that I've had to watch.....I haven't really been anywhere else.

But this morning was one of just taking things in. Getting up slowly, waking up the boys for school, enjoying our morning routine. It was a morning of just enjoying who we are as a family and where we are at this point and time.

Timo doesn't like to talk in the mornings. I know he's awake by squeezing his big toe or patting him on the leg. If his eyes twitch, he's up. But this morning, I got a little extra. "I'm hungry. Can we have biscuits this morning," was his greeting. Ah, the teen years.

Bubs has to have a hug first thing in the morning. He's on the top bunk, so it's easy. He usually has something funny to share, too. His crazy dreams are shared, or he gives a little info about the coming day, but he's a little more talkative and always witty. First thing in the morning. I don't know how he does it.

San usually sticks up a hand indicating a 5, meaning he wants five more minutes to sleep in. I sat on the edge of his bed, and he said, "I thought you were the dog in my dream!" Thanks San. He laughs.

I went to my computer and put on the Levi song. You know, from the Levi commercial in the 70's: "Good mornin' world. Good morning to you, yoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo, I'ma wearin' my levis, leehee hee hee hee e vies." Out of bed they came.

Works every time.

Em, however, remained in her cave. :) No need to get up early when you have a 10 o'clock class. was a nice morning.

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Leigh Anne said...

I love your blogs! But now I have the Levi song stuck in my head... :-D