Thursday, October 18, 2007

Too Hard for Words

You know, I've always admired the strong, quiet type. The people who are strong beyond words, but you never know it because they are so humble and don't seek to draw attention to themselves. I just like that quality in people. However, there are times when they do need to share, and need to talk about the struggles they are facing. But I've learned: when these people talk, I listen.

I have a friend in the blogger world who is speaking now, and I'm listening along with the rest of her friends. Her words are always well thought out and worth hearing, but this time I think all who know her are speechless.

She is someone who has commented on this blog occasionally, and who's blog I love to read. She is wise, fun, and always full of insights. I have come to know her through her writing. Yesterday, she posted about a valley she is going through, and I must say it took many of us in her vast circle of blogging friends by surprise. She has cancer. In the last two weeks she has been through a major operation, a glimpse at her mortality, and all of the major struggles that news like this brings about. To me, her words during this time of her life will be like gold. I look forward to her insights, but not her pain and struggle. She's not so introspective that she thinks everything is about her, but she's introspective enough to impart some great thoughts. She has that rare ability to take herself out of a situation and see it from God's point of view. That's what wisdom is, isn't it?

Charity is at Wide Open Spaces. While she still has a tough road ahead, and she's waiting for test results and a plan of action from her doctors, she sees this as a journey and is willing to share as she goes along. I'll wait for her words. They will be gold, and worth waiting for.


Craver Vii said...

I'm glad you mentioned her wisdom, because I agree. I look forward to hearing from her and how she shares from her experiences.

L.L. Barkat said...

And so she takes us on the journey with her, through words. I only hope we can provide respite along the way.

Lifelong Learner said...

Craver and L.L. -

I'm honored to learn about this part of life from her. I just hope as she shares her Suffering and Sorrow, we'll be there to help her drink from the healing cup of Grace and Comfort.

I'm continuing with "Hindsfeet" and am constantly reminded of her as I read it.

Anonymous said...

I love how you have completely captured Charity in your blog. I am not a blogger, but, have been a friend of Charity's for many years. I was struck again tonight by how amazing Charity is in that the person you are talking about and the person I know are exactly the same. I love how what she writes is precisely who she is. I also love that this group of friends has also surrounded her completely with their love and prayers. We can all be sure that we will continue to learn a great deal from Charity as she struggles and we can know that are prayers and love will help sustain her.

Lifelong Learner said...


I think that's why I was drawn to her blog to begin with. She's very open and honest, and that comes through in her writing. Plus, she's fun. :)

Chariy, are your ears burning? (That's southern talk for "Do you know so many are talking about you?)

Anonymous said...

Stacy -- These are such kinds words and great encouragement to me. I'm sorry that I didn't get over here sooner -- my thoughts are scattered and my time on the computer a little less predictable right now. I feel courage in the face of this great trial knowing all my friends are with me in this.