Monday, July 23, 2007

Moaning Meme

Shelly over at This Eclectic Life has tagged me with a Moaning Meme (click the link to see the origins of this meme at Freelance Cynic). While she tagged me as someone she thinks would be irritated at being tagged, I have to say this one caught my fancy. (Shelly thinks I'm too nice to rant. I told her my kids would get a kick out of that.) Before I get started, though, I want to tell you about what Shelly is up to. If you notice the "Share a Square" icon on the left of my site, that is from Shelly. It's a project she started in order to help the kids of Camp Sanguinity. Camp Sanguinity is a camp for kids with cancer and blood diseases. Every year, the campers are given comfort quilts to help them through their various treatments. This year, Shelly had the wonderful idea of making this a community project by gathering donated crochet shares, and then enlisted a local crochet club to put them together to make aphgans to give to the kids next year when they attend camp again. The fun thing is that she included her blogging community as well. So, here in Taiwan, a few people are busy making squares to send in for the project. I've sent a few already to make it on the first few aphgans. SO....any of you who crochet and would like to get in on this project...please click here and you will find instructions on how to make the squares. She still needs 5500 squares, so join in and have some fun with your girlfriends! Besides that, you need to check out her Story Telling skills. She has some videos you can watch. She's REALLY good!

OK. On to the meme.

List 5 people that will be irritated by being tagged: Let's just say my entire blogroll. If you want to participate, let me know so I can see what you have to moan about though!

List 4 things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth.
-Cars with huge speakers that thump music instead of listen to it.
-Those plastic security things on CD's and tapes. You end up just wanting to throw the whole thing out!
-Mosquitoes. Really.
-Those little kid squeaky shoes. Whoever thought of that does not have kids at home.

List 3 things that people do that make me want to shake them violently.
-Act fake. Wear masks. I just want to tell them they are OK the way they are.
-Brag and put others down. I don't like arrogance in any form. I just want to tell them to get real!
-Drive like a maniac. If it just involved them I'd be OK, but someone else's stupidity can cause a lot of damage to others.

List 2 things I find myself moaning about:
-Hmmm. I can't think off hand. I'll have to add later

What 1 thing do the above answers tell me about myself.
-Little things get to me. I need to loosen up and let my hair down! ha!

Thanks for the tag, Shelly! I'll be sending more squares soon!


Anonymous said...

Would be great if you can link tothe original Moaning meme so that people can follow the backtracks to you.

And I love the mask answer. Taking the meme a little bit deeper :)

Lifelong Learner said...

Thanks for the tip, Freelance! I'm new to this meme stuff. :) I'm off to visit your site....