Sunday, November 28, 2010

And So It Begins

I love this time of year, mainly because we're focused on other people in our lives.  We spend our time thinking about that one special gift that will be special, that will speak to the person receiving the gift.  We look forward in anticipation of a fun-filled day, full of presents, food, fun conversations and memories.

One thing we don't forget, though, is what this holiday season is all about.  This is a holiday that celebrates the birth of Christ.  No matter what society has done to minimize what this holiday represents, for our family, the day begins with the reading of the birth of Christ so long ago. The first Christmas gift that was given to everyone:  God incarnate, coming to live among men, remaining sinless, and offering himself a living sacrifice for those who receive his gift.  So while we are shopping and thinking of others, it is always in the forefront of our minds that this is not really about us and what we want, it's about celebrating and honoring that original gift given to us.  We do that by giving to others.

I pray you enjoy this holiday season, and remember to celebrate Christ as well.

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