Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Conference Time

OK, so I just got back from a conference last week, and I feel SO lucky the district sent me.  Have you ever gone to a learning environment like that, either spiritual, educational, or whatever, and have come away knowing you've just listened to some real leaders and innovative thinkers?  THAT's what this conference was like.  My head is still swimming.  The first day I spent with the keynote speaker, Dr. Robyn Jackson.  At the end, I remember thinking, "OK, I should probably just go home now, because I'm not going to hear anything better than that." 

I was wrong.

The next day we heard the keynote address, which was totally inspiring, and then visited workshops from everyday teachers all over the state, all doing extraordinary things.  If that doesn't inspire the educator within, nothing will.  Again, that day was better than the day before.

The last day, my colleagues and I were fried.  Our brains were on maximum overload.  But no.  We thought we'd attend one last workshop before going home.  Again....there it was.  We were nodding our heads, taking copious amounts of notes.  And we ended on a high note.  Which was good.

Because now we need to come back and teach it to teachers.  It's a little nerve wrecking, but in the end, the topics were so good and so exciting, I do believe they will teach themselves, and educators will be doing the same things we did:  nodding.....yeah.  You know. :)

Gotta go.  Gotta wrap my head around some more stuff.

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