Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A couple of months ago, I started listing things I'm thankful for.  It's something I've done privately, and I've noticed at few things.  At first, I really found it hard to list many things I'm thankful for.  I would get stuck.  However, I noticed that since I was making myself make a list, I started looking for things to be thankful for.  Now, it's pretty easy.  As it should be.  I live a very blessed life, and there's no reason I shouldn't be thanking God for what He has given me and provided for me.  So here's my list for Thanksgiving:

My husband.  His humor, perseverance, hard work and steadfastness keeps this family going.  We all adore him.
My kids.  They keep me humble and proud at the same time.  They are each growing and showing their individual gifts, and I'm always amazed at how well they are turning out, in spite of me and my parenting.
My parents.  One of my favorite quotes is "Many a promising future is ruined by a happy childhood."  I find it funny, but it doesn't hold true in my case.  I have a promising future, and I had a wonderful childhood.  Not without hardships, but also not without a lot of love and support.
My inlaws.  They have truly influenced and enriched my life, and shaped it in ways I never realized it could be shaped.
Relatives in general.  These family connections just add depth to our character and our relationships.
A nice home.  We've been in ours for about a year and a half now.  There was a time when I thought we wouldn't have a home, so I'm especially thankful for the memories we've begun here.
A job I thoroughly enjoy.  I am blessed beyond measure in this area.  Supportive administration, a drama free work environment (I've heard horror stories from other schools!) and an environment that supports risk taking and growth.
Cars that work
A fireplace
Good neighbors
Friends and the friendship they provide.  They meet my needs in ways family can't.  I'm always amazed at how God brings people together to work in each other's lives.  Lord knows my friends have worked on mine in unexpected ways.
Art museums.  I love being so close, and they're free.
Trader's Village.  My new love.  Introduced to me by a friend. :)
God and all that He puts up with in regard to me! 

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.  Just take a moment to count your blessings.  I'm sure you'll find you have more than you know!

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