Saturday, December 04, 2010

21 years ago tonight....

I went into labor.  It was the one night I was not expecting it, because the next day was my due date.  I didn't know of anyone who actually had their first child on their due date.  But there we were, heading to the hospital.  It took awhile, but finally at 1:24 in the afternoon, my one and only daughter was born.  She was the first granddaughter to be born on both sides of the family.  We didn't know then if she was going to be a boy or a girl until she was born.  I kind of miss the excitement of that moment, of finding out if we were having a boy or girl.  Anyway, I cried, Big Dad cried, and there we were, the three of us, our own little family together for the first time.

Well meaning people warned us about having a girl.  They talked about the drama and how difficult girls can be.  I can honestly say that drama has not been a part of Em's existence.  She is one of the most even keeled people I know.  She's a hard worker (her name does mean industrious) and she's a loyal friend.  She's got an understated sense of humor that catches people off guard, and she's one of the nicest people I know.

We laugh when I tell her about the first time I realized how much I loved her.  I had put her down for a nap (she was only a few days old) and I went to take a shower.  When I turned the shower off, I could hear her crying desperately.  I could not get dressed fast enough, and when I finally got to her, picked her up and held her, she stopped crying immediately.  I remember thinking, "I love her so MUUUCH!"  But you know what?   That's nothing compared to now.  That love is combined with a friendship and a sense of pride because God only knows how proud I am of her and all that she's accomplished and overcome. 

Love you, Em....  Happy 21.  I still can't believe it.  A full fledged adult. :)

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