Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is Just Too Good.

Straight from today's FoxNews headlines:

Indiana Boys Left With Bleeding Tongues After Licking Flagpole
Saturday, January 26, 2008

CHESTERTON, Ind. — Two fourth-grade boys mimicking a scene from the movie "A Christmas Story" wound up with their tongues stuck to a frozen flagpole.

Gavin Dempsey and James Alexander were serving on flag duty at Jackson Elementary School Friday morning, with the job of raising and lowering the school's flags. They decided to see if their tongues really would stick to the cold metal.

"I decided to try it because I thought all of the TV shows were lies, but turns out I was wrong," Gavin said.

Karen Alexander, James' mother , said her son told her he got the idea from the movie, which is based on stories about a boy growing up in the northwest Indiana community of Hammond in the 1940s.

"I can't believe he did it, but they learned their lesson," she said.

James said he plans to eat a lot of ice cream to help nurse his wound.

"When you're young, you're just messing around," he said.

Billie Dempsey, Gavin's mom, said a nurse called them to tell them the boys' tongues were bleeding.

"The nurse asked them, 'OK, who double-dog dared who?"' Billie Dempsey said, a reference to a phrase that a character in the movie used to dare another child to stick his tongue to the pole.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new picture!!!


Anna said...

I saw that on FOX NEWS.....hilarious! :) I like the new header as well!

Craver Vii said...

Some people just HAVE to try things out for themselves. Me? I have always been on the more reserved side. Okay, chicken, actually. I've always been a big chicken. But at least I've never frozen my tongue to a flagpole.

Stacy said...

Anna and Craver,

Sorry I haven't responded! I'm away from my Thailand, actually. Riding some elephants and having some good Thai fun. But I didn't want you guys to think you were neglected in my comment section. :)

By the way, did either of you ever get your tongue stuck on ice cubes? That happened to me a lot. I'm a slow learner.

Craver Vii said...

Riding elephants in Thailand?! That is so, over-the-top cool!!!!! I wish I could be there.