Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Biblical Worldview Intigration is what we are learning about in our school these days. We've had some Professional Development days on the subject, and since our last PD day, I've found myself thinking a bit on what was presented. There were discussions about the philosophies our kids are bombarded with on a regular basis (relative truth and Nietsche's thoughts on the weak and powerless) through TV and music... all in all a very good study.

We've been tasked to observe each other in the classroom to see how we might be integrating our Biblical World View into our subjects. I was priviledged enough to observe the Science teacher as he began teaching about the Scientific Method. His integration was a perfect extention of the lesson: How God had created our brains to be inquisitive. How it pleases Him for us to question him, because that gives Him the chance to prove Himself to us. How this is a major feature of Christianity: we are not to just blindly follow. Good stuff.

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