Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Little Bit 'O Sunshine

Big Dad and I were on a walk this morning, when something the color of a tennis ball dropped down in front of us. On further inspection, I discovered it was a parakeet. Knowing there are many cats on the prowl around this particular 'hood, I decided to try and pick it up. When I walked up to it, it didn't fly away, and it immediately flew to my waiting finger. Very cute. So I walked around to various neighbors across the street, and no one knew where it belonged. toward home we went.

A small cage and birdseed was in order, so I ran off to the store while the kids got acquainted with "Sunshine" as we've come to call him. About $10 later, and he has a temporary home.

We've found that he likes people food, because he tried to eat Big Dad's yogurt and Timothy's Eggo. He also has clipped toenails, and his color is just too vibrant to have been left on his own devices in the wild. We plan on putting up some fliers in the neighborhood. He's so well taken care of, I'm sure he's missed.

In the meantime, we're enjoying our little bit o' Sunshine. Timothy is completely taken with him, and was even playing different kinds of music for him to see what he likes. (He seems to like the song "Bubbly" by the way) He's also taken to English fairly well, but responds better to Chinese. As you can see in the picture below, San is completely fascinated. He made that face when Sunshine un-fluffed his feathers. He didn't know they could do that. ha!

All in all, we're enjoying him while we have him.

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amanda said...

he is SO cute!!

I've always wanted a bird. How fun!!!

If you can't find the owner, do you think you'd keep him?

Do yall still have that big reptile creature?--sorry i forgot what he was exactly.