Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Angkor Wat Up Close

Here are some preliminary pictures of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. T took Em there for her Senior Trip, and what a trip it was! They both just returned this evening, and we have been looking at pictures nonstop. Em was impressed by the amount of carvings she saw, and how intricate they were. She tried to capture them on camera, and I think she did a fair job of it! She has her father's eye for pictures, that's for sure.

There are even more...I saw 700 pictures on the camera. We'll be working through them over the next few days.

T was so impressed with Cambodia. He wants to return at some point. Maybe in a couple of years, we can go as a family. He said it is an amazing country.

Enjoy the pictures! More are on the way, including some of those elephant pictures. :)

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Carmi said...

I love these photos: I feel like I've gone back in time from simply viewing them.

Can't wait to see more!