Sunday, February 17, 2008

San's First Time Bowling:

We had a family day (partially, since Em wasn't there) while we were in Thailand, and we took the opportunity to bowl at a new bowling place. It was San's first time to bowl, so I captured each of their first throws down the alley. Be sure to watch from the top down:


Anonymous said...

That was absolutely hilarious!! Thanks for a good laugh, and WAY-TO-GO, San!!!

Mama Boo

Trey said...

I don't know what was better the kids expressions or hearing Stacy laughing in the background!! How did Tim do, he used to be a really good bowler.

Stacy said...

Once he got warmed up, he did great! It was funny because we would throw the ball and the pins would just fall over, but T would throw it and they would go flying!

Mike said...

What form! That was hilarious and I love the backgroud laughter.