Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where my true love is?

My dad would quote that poem in the Spring when I was growing up. It comes to mind on days like yesterday. It was such a glorious day! Cool breezes, a few clouds in the sky, birds chirping, kindergartners chasing butterflies (telling what some of them did to the butterflies won't fit with the tone of this post). Everyone was walking around saying, "It's a sin to be inside on a day like today!"

When I was teaching in Florida, I had the privilege of teaching gifted students the subjects of reading and history. It's a great combination, and we were able to do so much with those topics, especially with those gifted minds at work. But occasionally, there were days like yesterday. I never could stay indoors on those days. So, no matter what was planned on these days, it always became a reading day. Novels were fetched, carpets were thrown on the grass, and our reading class commenced in the great outdoors. We were always sad when time was up, because it meant going back to the grind of studying and classwork. But at least we had one class period of reading in the sun.

I came to realize yesterday that I have a Ferris Bueller mindset. Sometimes you do have to stop and smell the roses. And I could see that others had the same mindset as well. Desks and chairs were moved outdoors, students sprawled on picnic tables with their books and papers anchored with bookbags. When you're given the gift of a beautiful day, occasionally you need to take the time to enjoy it!


Trey said...

She's Baaack!!!! good to hear some stories again.

Anonymous said...

That smacked of 'Spring fever' if I ever heard it. Good post. Loved it!

...and you too!

Leigh Anne said...

Ah yes. It was one of those days here today. Beautiful! I was lucky enough to be out at recess duty for a half hour to enjoy it. (Some days, a school secretary must wear many hats.)

But I couldn't hear the birds over the excited screaming coming from the dodgeball game...