Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seen and Heard during trip to Galveston:

*Pelicans flying in formation
*A volunteer with a passion for teaching kids about conservation
*Dolphins in the wild
*Shrimp boats
*Oil derricks
*Pelicans skimming the ocean, inches above the water
*"This is so COOOOL!"
*Waking up to a seal looking down at me
*"There's no way this trip can get better than this."
*Hotdogs on the beach
*Sandcastle contest
*Free coffee mugs from diners
*Giggling, laughing, screaming
*"Mrs. Hugheses!"
*eyes wide open
*sweetness and kindness in the midst of tiredness
*a bright, new, shiny shed
*thank you's
*"I'll come see you next year"


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