Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three and a Half Muskateers

After visiting my parent's home this weekend and looking through old photo albums, a lot of childhood memories came flooding back.  I mentioned Joey the Crow.  That was an unusual one. 

But another fun memory was with a few twenty somethings that let me hang out with them.  I was in jr. high, but they liked me and let me in on a lot of their hooligan behaviors.  Bonnie, Melanie and Geri enjoyed a bit of mischief every now and then, and I could keep a secret.  I can't remember why they let me come along, but they did.

At first they were the "Three Muskateers" and were known for surprise TP attacks.  I had to be part of it.  I learned the art of TPing from them.  There's a toss and spin that has to happen to keep the streamers long.  You have to use cheap toilet paper.  It makes clean up that much harder.  And if you really want to make things tough, you turn on the sprinklers.

We got caught once.  A police officer saw us running up to a house with rolls of toilet paper in hand, and stopped us.  One of the sweet talkers pleaded with the officer, letting him know that a church staff member had this coming.  "Go ahead," he said.  "And make sure you're quiet about it!"  Yes!

After that night, we became the "Three and a Half Muskateers."  I was a privileged member of an elite TP attack squad.  That's sayin' something.

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