Saturday, June 25, 2011

Man of Mine

I was recently bragging about my husband.  I don't do that often, mainly because he hates it.  But I was was talking with some friends at lunch yesterday, and they were asking me what I was doing this summer.  I indicated my husband and I were building a storage shed in our back yard.  They ended up asking me what my husband can't do, and the only answer I could give them was "stand in a spotlight." 

It's true, though.  Big Dad can do anything.  He has supplied me with two homes. He's a provider.  He fixes our cars so that we don't have to give tons of money to other people for doing it.  He builds things like sheds.  He hunts to provide food for our family.  He fishes.  He has raised bees.  He quilts (yes, my daughter actually has a quilt he made for her, completely by hand.  No sewing machine touched it!).  And before you starting thinking he's not a manly man, just check out the picture below.  He's a mountain conqueror (twice), a language learner (three times), and a major backpacker.  Even with a hurt back, he could out trek men half his age who hired personal trainers in order to get into shape to come trek with him.

More than that, though.  He's loyal.  Extremely so.  To lose his loyalty means a betrayal in a big way.  He's funny.  No, hilarious!  He's a risk taker. He's patriotic. He works hard at whatever he does.  He doesn't do anything halfway.  It's all or nothing.  I believe I mentioned he's hilarious.  You just can't point that out enough.

Finally, though, he's a man of principle.  He will stand for what he believes in.   He can tell just by being with someone for a few minutes if they are genuine or not.  He values genuineness, and does not put up with the personality ethic.  If you say it, you better do it, and be a person of your word.

Yep, Man of Mine is a man among men.  I think I'll keep him.

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