Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Little Link Love

So someone posted in my comment section yesterday telling me they were going to link to a post I wrote about this time three years ago entitled Dignity vs. Pride. I decided to go and see her blog for myself, and all I can say is "wow."

Her name is Laurie Pace, and she's an artist. She could not be more different than me in that aspect. I am not a creative person by nature, and have to work really hard and steal ideas from others to make any attempt at creativity. So, I'm really envious of creative people, and her art is particularly beautiful.

The more I read, though, the more I saw what we had in common: both from Texas, both teachers, and we both have gone through some similar circumstances with difficult people in our lives. In one post she spoke of how much she puts herself into her art, and as God as my witness I had a conversation about this very thing with a friend last week! How people who are artists really put themselves out there, and how much they put themselves into their art.

So it seems that at least for now, with all we have in common, we were meant to meet. She even has a daughter named Stacey. How crazy is that?

You must go see her art and read her posts. Even though she linked to my post, she is much more articulate than I am. Go see Laurie Pace's blog at You'll be glad you did.

1 comment:

Laurie Pace said...

You will have to come create and paint with me one day and your kids can fish or boat! Every one has part of the great Creator in them art wise and I can help you find it...

Your obvious gift is expression in writing and sharing your thoughts, which makes a good teacher in the image of the Great Teacher.

I look forward to meeting you and the family, God willing.