Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You know, anytime there is a big change or big move in our lives, we always seek God in those decisions. Repeatedly He has tested MY faith by opening doors, many times waiting until the last minute. But when those doors open, they open wide and we just stand in awe of His provision. It happened over and over again during our move to Asia, and things are no different since we moved back to the States.

He provided jobs for T and me, which was no small task. Not only were the jobs provided good jobs, they were dream jobs. And not only did He provide them for us, but He did so at a time when there was a job freeze. Again, we stand in awe, I'm ashamed to say.

But yesterday He affirmed us again, but this time through one of our kids. Any time we had to move, our children and their well being was at the top of our list of concerns. Moves are extremely difficult on kids, and we did not want to raise children who are emotionally detached, which is something that can happen when children move too often, even under the best circumstances. In our case, there was also physical concerns. Two of our children had some pretty big physical obstacles, and we needed to find the right doctors to meet their needs.

So yesterday, C went to see his endocrinologist. Not only did he have a good report, the but doctor told us that the timing in which we came to see him was crucial. C definitely could have had major life changing problems had he not come to see this particular doctor when he did. His medication at the time was all wrong, and he was at risk for developing more problems as the antibodies in his system could have turned on other organs in his body. The doctor emphasized the timing of our first visit to him on several occasions during the visit. Presently, C's antibodies are extremely low, leading the doctor to say that in some cases his particular disease can reverse itself. It is something that might happen. If it doesn't, he'll be OK, but it's out there.

Once again, we just looked at each other realizing that once again, our decision to move halfway across the world was affirmed. We pretty much knew it at this point, but there was just that additional word that adds to the contentment already there, and made us say, "Yes, Lord. Thank you!"

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Laurie Pace said...

Stacy, I am blogging about pride and dignity and will be quoting you from your blog back in 2007. It is a wonderful explanation and comparison of the two words. I have been reading Beth Moore's new book on Insecurities and and am writing about it for tomorrows blog. You are very gifted in your writing.After reading your current blog, I will be adding your family to our prayer list at home. You have a busy family life like many of us and you cannot have too many prayers. We just moved from the Dallas area east to a small town of Mt Vernon TX... it is preheaven out here and the best move of our lives so far. I know not why God led me to your blog in my search for pride and dignity, ... but I am here now. My regular email is accessible through my blog if you want to write me... just click my name on my blog.

God's blessings to you and your family. Thank you Laurie Pace