Saturday, June 19, 2010

Palo Duro Canyon

I went to Palo Duro Canyon for three days this week. I never really thought much about the desert, but after driving through it, learning about it, and hiking in it, I see it is really a beautiful place! This trip was the final field trip after a year long study with my gifted students on the the topic of change. It was a great way to end the year. Although, I must say, it has caused me to see my GT colleagues in a new light! Those women are crazy.

One of the highlights of the trip, and I don't have a picture of it here for whatever reason, was the outdoor ampitheater in the canyon and watching the musical, Texas. It's been a long time since I've had Texas history, and it was a great way to refresh my memory. The ampitheater sat inside the canyon, with one of the canyon walls as the backdrop, and the show was spectacular, even adding a fireworks show at the end. It was good for the kids to see a live musical performance, and I'm sure they won't forget it!

I'm exhausted, but this was a fun and truly memorable trip!

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Laurie Pace said...

If you will email me at I can paste the blog that will be out tomorrow. I taught school for 8 years public schools and I have taught art, guitar and piano for 28 years... we do have much in common. My daughter Stacey lives north of you in Roanoke. We just to live in Argyle, Justin area before moving to Dallas to help with elderly parents and then finally in April we retired to Mt Vernon.