Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dignity vs. Pride

I’ve had a dialogue going on in my head for quite some time. It involves the comparison of two qualities. Both qualities are represented in people I have known through the years, and both have provided opportunities for growth and improvement. This is why I believe it is not necessarily a bad thing to have negative people in our lives. While it is important to note when to stop allowing influence, it is also important to learn from them.

So the dialogue that has been taking place has been about the qualities of dignity versus the quality of pride. Both are similar, in that they involve a place of elevation. Where they differ, though, is in who gives them that elevation. With dignity, there is a strong sense of self respect which doesn’t come from a position, or place in life. It comes from the knowledge of
“who's I am and how I got here.” Of course Christ is central to that equation. The one with dignity possesses a sense of calm and contentment that goes beyond their circumstances or lot in life. I have seen dignity in villages under the poorest conditions, as well as in the vilest of times in someone’s life. It speaks volumes.

Pride, on the other hand, is content only when it stands on the shoulders of others. It has to put someone else down so that it can lift itself up. Pride is not content, and is dependent on others for it’s elevation. Pride needs position in order survive. It cannot exist outside of position. It doesn’t speak volumes, but works to squelch those who threaten it.

Dignity. It should be honored in others, developed in ourselves, and modeled for those who don’t possess it.


LnGwStX said...


I am meditating on that exact concept (dignity vs pride) and I Googled that phrase looking for a comparative definition to use in my own blog. But you have said fairly simply and clearly what I would have taken longer to explain, so perhaps, instead of writing my own blog entry about it, I can simply post a link to this one?

Lifelong Learner said...

Feel free to link it! Sorry it took so long to respond. I've received a lot of responses about this post. It seems to speak to others. It was definitely an inspired post! Thanks for linking it. I'm honored.

Anonymous said...

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