Saturday, March 24, 2007


There's something I've noticed over the past year or so in people, and it's been so refreshing. I'm sure you know it when you see it. Have you ever been around someone and come away feeling comfortable and centered? Not in how you were treated, but rather in just having been exposed to someone who is genuine. I have been lucky this year in particular to be around people who are genuine, and it's been a long time coming. No pretenses, no manipulation, no agendas or ambitions to deal with, just the person sitting before me, spending time, talking, thinking out loud, praying together. Being real. Sharing testimonies without there being some sort of competition as to who is more spiritual. I think this element of friendship is a real rarity today. People wear so many masks: who they are and how they deal with others in public and private, public images. But if we are to truly live out who God wants us to be, then that would mean warts and all, wouldn't it? Because how can others know what God has truly done in our lives if we are not the person that God created and has since worked and molded in us His nature and His will for our lives? How can we truly live out our testimonies of all that God has done for us if we are busy wearing masks to our different social gatherings?

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