Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What a Good Day Looks Like

I was thinking about good days, and I thought about how my idea of a good day has changed over the years. So here is my list:

In Tyler: I don't recall much about Tyler except bits and pieces. (I left there when I was 4). But I do recall sitting on a neighbor's front porch, drinking some lemonade, and playing with the little doll she gave me (It cried when you squeezed her tummy.)

In California: A good day was either a day at the beach (Tunafish sandwiches, tortilla strips, walks on the peer, being out in the water ALL DAY!) or 4th of July (swimming all day at the house across the street then setting off fireworks, sitting in chairs on the lawn watching the rest of the neighbors set off their fireworks).

In Liberty Hill: A day with Glow Girl, my horse. Riding all day into town, tying her off at the store to get a Dr. Pepper and a Butterfinger, then riding her all the way back, letting her walk through streams.

In Springfield: Before I was married it would have to be a day off from school, laying out at a local lake or on a rooftop, hanging out with friends and listening to the Gaither Vocal Band. After I was married it had to be a snow day, off from work, sitting in a warm house, a walk to the store in a blizzard.

In Florida: A day with the kids, working around the house, usually outside (I hated the inside work!) or just letting them play "Walker Texas Ranger" on the trampoline, or swimming at Gramma's house, watching the kiddos learn how to swim and dive and jump in the water.

In Thailand: A good day was a trip to the mountains, watching the elephants, playing in the waterfall.

In China: A day with water, and electricity, and sunshine. It meant I could do laundry. :) Oh, and the day we had snow. Watching them hit the neighbors with snowballs was too funny.

In Weatherford: Hanging out with Bo and Vuji, walking around the "block" (which was 4 miles long)

In Taiwan: Typhoon days. Huddled in the house, listening to the wind howl, safe inside, playing games and entertaining each other.

In Texas and Florida: Just about every day, because we were with family!

Now: For me, it has to be seeing the kids playing with friends, thriving, enjoying the day. And a hazelnut latte from Starbucks.

I wonder what a good day will be like in 5, 10, 40 years from now.

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