Saturday, October 09, 2010

Post High School Years

There are times when I really work to put myself back into situations when I was younger, to try and remember what things might be like for my kids.  Of course I know that things are very different today, but a lot of things are the same as well.  Difficulties with school, hard times with friends, fear of the unknown...

...I remember when my mom dropped me off at college.  I went to school two weeks into the semester.  My roommates already had their room situated.  Classes had already started.  And I was scared to death!  I had never been away from home like that before, completely on my own, knowing no one.  Mom drove away in the parking lot, and I was like a lost puppy.  I was sick within a week, made it through that, and just put my feet to the ground and started working.

Well, Em's doing that now, but she's doing it much better than I did. So much more poised. If she's scared she doesn't show it.  And she just keeps putting herself out there, completely out of her comfort zone, but just taking it all on.  I'm so proud of her.  It's nice when you see your kids doing things better than you did!  It gives you so much more confidence in them.

Yeah.  I'm proud. ;)

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