Saturday, October 30, 2010


5 am.  Did you know that the stars are really bright at 5 am?  I do.   I know this because that's what time I get up to take Christopher to swim practice.  Every morning.  Ev-er-y morn-ing.

He's great about it.  He comes in and wakes me up and says, "Mom, it's time to go."  I drag myself out of bed, walk downstairs, look for keys, glasses, purse, shoes, jacket.  Oh, and I mumble something about "Do you have everything you need?"  At least I think that's what I say.  I think it. 

I walk outside, and I'm hit with the silence.  It's kind of nice though.  And then, inevitably, my eyes are drawn upward because the stars are that bright.  I never realized how much I missed that until I came back to the states and walked outside.  Taiwan had a lot of light polution, and you couldn't see much.  But there aren't a lot of street lights here.  I really like that.

Yesterday morning the Milky Way stood out quite a bit.  It looked like a misty band of stars draped across the sky.  Christopher and I just stopped and took it all in.  We do that every morning.  We both like looking at the night sky. Or morning sky, depending on  which side of midnight we're on.

We don't say much on the way to swim practice.  But I get to just be with my third born, and that's nice.  I drop him off, and he says "I love you mom."  Every time.  And then he flashes the I love you sign.

Getting up that early is drudgery, but drudgery isn't all that bad.  It's actually kind of nice.


Carmi said...

I used to be that kid getting up before sunrise to hit the pool early. So cool of you to recognize the fleeting opportunity to connect with him before you run out of mornings like this. Some days, I wish I could have just one morning like that back with my parents.

Lifelong Learner said...

Carmi! It's so funny you commented today. I just thought of you lie! I was thinking about a fun project to do with my students, outside of the classroom, and I was thinking about doing something along the lines of "Through their eyes," with me setting a theme for the week and the students finding pictures to meet the theme. Didn't we do that on your blog? I want them to view some of your pictures to give them some ideas. That's how your name popped in me head. lol!

I really hate getting up so early in the morning, but I really love that time with son #3. He's such a thoughtful soul, and just sharing that time together is special. I do cherish it, because I know it won't be here long! And as you know, those memories last long after we're gone, and mean so much.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Carmi!

Lifelong Learner said...

* and that should be "my" head...I wasn't trying to speak pirate.