Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stuff I Want

I want one of those cool cell phones with all the bells and whistles.

I want a chef to fix me fantastic, fresh foods with no fish whatsoever.

I want a car with a full, lifetime warrantee.

I want a thai lady to live with us to give us foot massages whenever we want.

I want a lifetime, all you can buy card for Office Depot, because office supplies rock.

But then again....

If I had the phone, I would end up spending time talking to other people than to the one I'm with.

If I had a chef to fix me food, then I wouldn't want to grow my own garden and find out how to nurture the plants and cook with them.

If I had the car with the full time warrantee, then I wouldn't learn how to fix cars and would be at the full mercy of mechanics everywhere!

I can't find a reason why a thai lady shouldn't live with us to give us foot massages.

If I had a lifetime supply card for Office Depot, then I would rob random people from giving supplies to help kids that don't have.

I guess I don't want that stuff after all. Except the thai lady. Still can't find a reason not to have her.

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