Thursday, August 05, 2010

22 years ago tomorrow

I was setting up the reception area. Picking up cake. Getting my hair did, and joining girlfriends at the church.

I was a tad nervous. Not about the event, but about standing up in front of people, all eyes on T and me.

It was a good day with loved ones all around. Thinking back, it's sad because there are quite a few that were there, but are no longer with us now: Chris, Mamaw, Papa, Aunt Leila, Uncle Johnnye, George. My dad officiated. Papa read from I Corinthians 13. That I remember.

I remember looking at T and thinking "Here we go!" I got to start my life with my best friend. I know that sounds like such a cliche, but for us it's real. That friendship has sustained us through some pretty rough times, and has made this union what it is: something that is real and genuine, full of respect and affection.

I'm so glad that we met. I'm so glad I got past not liking him for giving me a hard time for asking for extra ketchup. I'm glad we worked through the long distance relationship, and I'm glad we took that step. We owe Darby a huge debt for setting us up on that first date!

I love you, Big Dad! You're my hero.

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Congratulations and best wishes!