Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Paint and Some Memories

We're painting. Again. This time it's our room. Our room is going to be full of blues and various shades of brown and cream. T is the one who cuts in, because he's got enough OCD in him to make it really nice. I've been working on my W's, because "You don't want to see your lines!" But as T was cutting in, I was kind of in limbo to work on my w's, so I took on another task while I was waiting.

I organized pictures. UGH! See, I'm terrible at organizing those types of things. I usually organize by person or event, but then I start looking at the people in the picture and start thinking this is a good picture of this person, maybe it should go over here, or over there... It's just so confusing.

But today I decided to organize by place. And I'm being very disciplined in the process: wherever the picture was taken is where it goes. Period. And it's been so fun.

Springfield. Florida. Georgetown. Thailand. China. Taiwan. Weatherford. And that's how I'm keeping it. I've really enjoyed looking at pictures of when we were younger, skinnier, smaller... Seeing the kids interacting with cousins, looking at the places we took in. Those places and events aren't just on paper. They are three dimensional motion pictures in my head, and I can hear the sounds, smell the smells, taste the foods. It's wonderfully indulgent.

*Sigh* Back to my w's.

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