Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm not sure what it is about thunderstorms that makes me feel so good. I've always loved rainy days for one. When I was young and in elementary school, it meant a break from the usual routine. We got to stay inside at recess and play board games or head's up 7-Up. It was dark and gloomy outside, but inside was fun and safe.

But thunderstorms are a little bit more risky, and I love them even more. Every Summer, during our days in California, we would drive from Southern California to East Texas. It was a long trip, and the drive across Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas was particularly endless, especially on I10. But one of the things that I loved was watching the thunderstorms roll in. I would lay in the back window (something you can't do today!) and watch they sky. It was like having my own fireworks show: lightening would shoot across the sky, or hit the ground in the far off distance. It was amazingly beautiful

High school days brought about our house in Liberty Hill with the tin roof, and the big wrap around front porch. Thunderstorms meant sitting in the porch swing on the front porch watching the lightening and counting the seconds until we heard the thunder, or taking a nap upstairs and listening to the rain tapping on the tin roof.

Looks like it might rain today. Maybe I'll get my Texas thunderstorm today.


Trey said...

We like to watch Twister when we have a bad storm!!!

Anonymous said...

I likem' allllot too.


P.S. Love ya Honey!