Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Reminiscing and Space

I'm back in touch with my roommate from college, via Facebook. We are having more fun catching up and talking about our times in college. You see, SHE was a tad mischievous, and I was along for the ride. *cough*

She went out on a date or two with Tim, my future husband. I didn't know that until after I moved in with her. But it was no big deal. She's the kind of friend that tells you everything, is up front and honest, and it was a lot of fun to live with her for three years. A real hoot, that one.

So tonight we were reminiscing on Facebook, talking about the troubles we had gotten in, the mischief, the laughs. When someone is part of your life, and in such a day to day way for that long, it's just fun to recall events. Any of the negative stuff, the stuff that may have gotten under our skin, doesn't come up. We just don't remember that part. All I remember was that we used to give each other space. If we'd been around each other too much, (which could easily happen since we lived together, worked together, went to church together) and we started getting irritated a bit too easily, we would look at each other and say, "Space?" and it was just understood. A few days of doing our own thing, and we were good to go.

But there are stories we share that are just too good, and I think we touched each other's lives in a way that we both know impacted our lives forever. So reminiscing with a friend like that, walking down memory lane, is a blast. It's great to see her successful and doing well in her life. I know she feels the same for us. No ill will, no jealousy or envy. Just wanting the best for each other.

Reminiscing is good for the soul.

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