Saturday, January 10, 2009


I think today, this is a quality that is fairly elusive to most of us. Americans are a discontented sort, and I think it's part of our character as Americans. Our discontentment becomes a catalyst for change. We become discontented in our education systems, and things change. Our politics + discontentment = change. We tend to be fickle and in many cases that's a good thing.

However, that discontentment has translated itself into our homes, and into our daily lives. It tends to make us impatient and ungrateful.

I've had the joy for the past few years of finding myself content. It's a strange feeling, especially when the world around is striving to succeed, is whirling past in fast motion. The world seems that way when you're in a contented place.

I had a good model for contentment. It was a standout quality in my mamaw. She didn't have a stress-free life by any means. She cared for her ailing mother, and then after a few short years her ailing husband. She had to still take care of their home, tend their garden, mow their three acres, all while caring for her loved ones. But she was content. She was happy exactly where she was. She didn't long for things she didn't have, and she was grateful for the things she had.

That's where I've found myself lately. Not longing for things I don't have, but extremely grateful for the things I have. It's a nice place to be. Maybe all of the money troubles here in the States will cause others to wake up to the same conclusion: they can live with less and be happy. In fact, it could be the thing that gets many of them out of their financial problems. You never know.


hope42day said...

And once contentment creeps in, then peace finally reigns and worry dissolves because there is no need for more when you are grateful for the here and now. Thank you for the wonderful post. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of your posts.
Peace and Blessings...

Anonymous said...

Those were great thoughts, Stacy, and so true. You really do have a gift for writing! Thank you for your sweet words about Mamaw. She was a model for all of us and I still miss those special family times. But we do have some great memories, don't we? You are loved!