Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Things I'm Re-Learning About Life in the States

There are TONS of magazines. Choose wisely.
Police are everywhere.
So are traffic cameras.
Everything costs money.
Some places don't give change back.
One must drive. Everywhere.
One must not weave through pedestrians in Walmart parking lots. This causes them to give dirty looks.
Stop at stop signs until you roll back.
Middle school boys do not like "Snack Packs" in their lunches. Other middle schoolers laugh.
Football hurts.
Everyone moves fast. All the time.
There are very specific rules during pick up time at various school campuses. Do not break them.
Don't forget to allow for sales tax.
There are no xi tou's.
There are no taxi's.
There are abundantly more food choices. This requires restraint.
There are abundantly more music stations. Few are good.
Bookstores are grand.
So are libraries.
Bookstores and libraries smell wonderful.
I can ask intelligent questions in doctor's offices.
Doctors offer options and information.
New friends are exciting.
Old friends are comfortable.
So are Texas accents and customs, like saying "fixin'", gentlemen opening doors, and talking to strangers.

It's been a sharp learning curve, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

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