Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Better Late than Never

Well, I'm a little bit late in my Autumn greetings, so let me start by saying: "Happy Fall, Ya'll!"

How do single parents do it? I'm wondering about that this Fall as I'm a stay-at-home mom with my kiddos. I have three kids on three different campuses (high school, middle school and elementary school) that have to be there within 20 minutes of each other. School buses, you say? Not possible. I live within two miles from each campus, which means it's too close for buses to pick up. Two miles isn't far by car, but it is too far to walk each morning and afternoon. (And NO, I do not want to hear the "barefoot and in the snow" stories right now!) It also sounds like getting the kiddos to each campus is quite do-able since the campuses are so close, but don't be too quick to forget the LINES of cars waiting to do the same thing I'm doing on each of these campuses. The task can be daunting.

BUT....I'm loving it. It's kind of fun being a chauffeur as well as a baseball mom. (soccer. psh. Just kidding Craver) I find that the parents here are very supportive and they let the kids be kids out there. Not too much, though. They also make sure they know their stuff when it comes to baseball. Plus, they start each game in prayer. Now that's Texas for ya!

As for Fall, it always amazes me how quickly things turn from Summer to Fall. It seems like the 22nd there is an actual difference in the shadows and the temperature. If anyone knows this to be a fact, feel free to pass it on. Maybe I'm just anticipating my favorite season too much, but it's there. Add to that the beat of the drums from the football stadium on Friday nights, the pumpkins already on sale, and those caramel apple wraps on display in the stores, and I'm in heaven on earth.

So...Happy Fall, Ya'll! I'll be happy to post any of your favorite Fall pictures and link to your site, if you happen to send any my way!

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