Sunday, September 07, 2008

More Cambodia Pictures

Emily went to Cambodia with my husband, Big Dad, last February. They both came back raving about that place. Em brought her little point and shoot camera, and even though it doesn't offer a lot as far as extras, she did get some great shots. With a little photo manipulation, we think they turned out nicely. Here they are:


Mike said...

That is so funny you commented on my blog tonight. I was just thinking about you guys! I have lost track of you. Are you back in the States or still overseas?

The fall shots should be good this year and I will try to get you a bunch of them. We have had record amounts of rain including a recent long passover by Gustav. Good for fall leaves.

Tell Em her pictures are great, I am especially fond of the middle one.

I also love your "Kitchen" shots. What an experience you have had.

Take care,


Mike said...

If you guys come up email me about a week ahead, perhaps our families could get together!

Stacy said...

That would be fun!