Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We've been discussing a lot of books around other blogs. I love books. I do. But I also love a good movie. So I'm suggesting compiling a list of all of our favorite movies. I'll list the categories, then give my two favorite movies in that category. You all get to add to the lists. I'm asking you to give me your two top favorite in the categories you choose. You can add to each category if you wish! We may get to know some movies we haven't seen before!

Animated movies: Emperor's New Groove, Bambi

Family movies: Sandlot, My Dog Skip

Action: Airforce One, The Italian Job

Drama: Out of Africa, Steel Magnolias

Suspense: Rear Window, Signs

Romantic Comedy: Return to Me, You've got Mail

Fantasy: Lord of the Rings, Narnia

Movies that would be great if it weren't for the language (thank God for TV Guardian): The Game,

Classics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Princess Bride

Please add anything you think I might be missing....


lorenzothellama said...

If you can bother with the sub-titles Elvira Madigan is wonderful. It was made in the late 60s, is Swedish and such a beautiful story with Mozart playing in the background!

What is that Alaskan Crab thing?

Craver Vii said...

All time favorite: The Princess Bride

Silliness: Galaxy Quest; What About Bob?

Animated: The Incredibles; Monsters, Inc.

For the boys: Dragonheart; The Last Samurai; Thirteenth Warrior; Batman Begins

For the girls: The Princess Diaries & The Princess Diaries 2

Old Classics: Singing in the Rain; The Sound of Music; The Mark of Zorro (Tyrone Power); Robin Hood (Errol Flynn); The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Mike said...

I have been pondering my favorite movies over the last few days and still haven't been able to come up with a list! I have too many that I like. I actually watched the Fantastic 4 movie the other night and really enjoyed it. I really didn't expect to.

Take care and have a happy 4th in Taiwan!