Saturday, June 09, 2007

Faces and Hands

Anna, over at her site, was able to capture two of my favorite subjects in a picture: faces and hands. She was riding a bus in London and captured an old Sikh man she met along the way. The pictures are stunning...please go take a look.

I mentioned on her blog that I like to see pictures of faces and hands, and promised to post a few of my favorites. Old people are a particularly favorite subject, because the lines in their faces show so much character. I really don't think I'm going to be the kind of person who nips and tucks wrinkles. They speak so much about a person's life, and in the end, they will tell my story, I think.

Hands show a lot about a person as well. While I admire pretty hands, the ones that capture my attention are the ones that tell a story. The hands with the tattoos (above) are interesting because they tell which village this person belongs to. If she were ever taken captive, anyone who rescued her would know where she belonged. The smaller hands are of particular interest to me. They are worn and shabby, with years of hard labor represented in them. The kicker is that they belong to a 10 year old girl.


TCC said...

I really enjoy the photos on your site and what is captured in the simplicity of a picture.

I'm with you regarding the nip and tuck although somedays I might not mind some improvements.

amanda said...

Oh! I love faces and hands too!!

I love the pictures of faces that you have hosted/posted to your blog!

My problem is I "chicken out" from taking them myself. I need to be more brave I guess.