Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Famous people

Now to more frivolous matters. I was talking to my daughter today about famous people I have met. Most were when we lived in California, because I think statistically you're just more likely to run into famous folks there. Some were actors, some were sports figures, but it's still fun to say I've met them. Here they are:

Sports people:

Tommy Lasorta
Steve Yeager
Steve Garvey
(do you see a pattern?)
Tony Orlando (only because he was at the locker room waiting area with us. He's TALL)
Reggie Smith
Bob Barker and his beauties (my aunt was on the show)
Some soap actress (her character was named TINA) while waiting in line for price is right.


Bob Jones
Jerry Falwell

One degree of separation:

My parents met Telly Savalas, Wilt Chamberlain, Johnny Carson

My best friend in California met TONS...Pierce Brosnan, then entire cast of Knott's Landing...she got to go to their cast party. She got to go on "The Natural" set and meet Robert Redford. Those are the ones I can remember.

My best friend in Texas got to tour Europe with Phil Collins and Genesis. How cool is that? She's got some great pictures, a set of drumsticks, and a signed tamborine. :)

So your turn. Who have you met? We'll allow one degree of separation, too. Just because I'm sure there are some good stories out there.


Shelby said...

very interesting post!

I met Jerry Falwell a long time ago.

Mike said...

Well lets see...Mostly politicians, don't ask me why, I am not sure.

Bob Dole, Kit Bond (Missouri Senator) George Bush 41.

Our best friends in Oklahoma were cousins of John Denver and she looked just like him.

My wife has been to the White House Chrismas Party and has her picture with George and Laura.

Nice post. It is always fun to compare notes.

lorenzothellama said...

My mother once met Prince Harry!

Stacy said...

Oooo. Royalty! That is too cool.

My husband scolded me...I forgot that he met President Reagan. I should edit that one in there. :)

Anonymous said...

Lets see:
Worked with John Glenn at Naval Air Test Center , both in systems.

William D. Ford Senator Washinton D.C. (Tim should remember him)
Ricky Sitz Senator Sate of Michigan ( another Tim)

Niel H. McElroy, Secretary of Defense, Uss Leyte Cva-32

Stacy said...

You just knew all the big wigs, didn't you? So there are only two degrees of separation, huh? I feel important. ha!