Friday, January 19, 2007

Stepping Out On Faith

Since beginning the process to come overseas, Big Dad and I have learned quite a bit about stepping out on faith: knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt what Father wants us to do, and just doing it, letting Him take care of the details. It is what happened when we decided to come here. I can tell you when I knew for certain that we were going to come:

We sent in the paperwork to start the process to come overseas with our "company". At that point, it was just a "let's see where this takes us" venture. However, Big Dad started getting cold feet, and two days after sending the paperwork off, he said, "If we don't get a reply by Monday, we're not going." I knew he meant it. I also knew that he had been denying a call on his life for a long time. The thing about his comment was that the paperwork said to please wait 10 days to two weeks for a response. If we were to receive a response by Monday, that would mean five days since we sent it in. Not business days. Five days. That included the time it took for them to receive it. I figured that was it. If He wanted us overseas, then He was going to have to do some fast acting! Monday rolled around, and I came home from school, pulled up to the mailbox and thought to myself, "This is the day I find out if we're going overseas!" I opened the mailbox, and there was one letter in it. Only one. And it was from the "company." I just sat dumbfounded in my car. "We're going overseas." I said it outloud. It was THE moment that I knew our lives were going to change in a big way, and that we were going to be in the center of Father's will. You know what? The changes don't matter at all when you're in the center of His will.

A friend once said, "I'd rather be in the center of God's will and sitting in the middle of oncoming traffic on an eight lane highway than be out of God's will and sitting at home on my couch. Because the highway is the safest place to be." I agree with that one hundred percent.

Father keeps dealing with our family in this manner. He gives us total assurance of what he wants us to do, we step out on faith, and then he fills in the details. It has been so amazing, and I feel guilty at this point of the surprise I feel when He does it. There is a lot to be said about prayer, fasting, and then working from faith. God shows us so much of Himself in the process! I have to say, though, that it is nice to know when big decisions come, that our only job is to seek His will, and then trust.

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