Friday, January 19, 2007

the Mountain

Living in a village was a real adventure for our family. Living with a local family made it even more fun. They really took care of us, showed us how to survive in our little dwelling place: Where to buy meat, which fruit and vegetable vendor was the most trustworthy, how not to buy cornmeal because it was for the pigs. We taught them a few things, too: how to use a fridge, dutch oven and BBQ sauce. It was a learning experience all the way around.

It was also good for our kids. They learned the local language quickly, and made good friends. Their friends would take them around town with them, show them how they played...

So when Asa, a twelve year old boy next door asked if he could take our 6 year old with him to collect wood, I didn't see why not. Asa was very responsible with our boys, and took special care to make sure they were safe and OK.

I was working around the house that day, since we had sunshine, water and electricity all in the same day. Laundry was my biggest priority. So when a few hours passed, I began to get concerned. Finally, I saw Asa and Christopher walking home from the mountain, and I was relieved.

Later that even, over dinner, Christopher looked at me and said, "Mom, our house looks really small from the mountain." My husband and I stopped eating, and asked which mountain. There were many to choose from. After all, it was the Himalayas.

"The mountain behind our house," he said. Let me just say, it is a STEEP mountain. When we asked Christopher how he got to the top, he told us Asa tied a rope to him and helped him up. He also talked about sliding down the steep parts on his backside.

You could see the adventure in his eyes. He was hooked. Like his father, mountain climbing was in his blood. We came to this place, with huge mountains and mountainside dwellings. How could I keep him from adventures like that?

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