Thursday, January 25, 2007


I wrote about differences, how scary they can be, and how people can see differences as something to reject. On the flip side of that, however, are quirks. Quirks are differences, in that they are actions or behaviors that cause us to stand out from others, but quirks are different in that they are endearing qualities, almost comforting. I love discovering the quirkiness in my friends.

Big Dad is quirky. He's got to have a place for everything, especially in his office. If anything has been moved, he knows it. He doesn't like anyone touching his nose. He has a certain way of putting on his socks and shoes, and he has a certain routine when getting ready. No matter how rushed we are, his routine does not vary. It goes a little faster, but he follows the same routine.

Mom and dad Hughes have a quirk that I used to think was odd. Mom Hughes does not fill up her car with gas. She's a very independent woman, but she doesn't fill her own tank. Dad Hughes does it for her, even if it means going out at night so she has gas in her car for the next day. I used to think it was a little strange. Now I know it's a loving gesture. Dad Hughes makes the point that he is taking care of her on this.

MamaBoo's nose turns red when she's emotional. Sad, happy, worried, stressed, it shows up in her nose. She calls it her emotional barometer.

I'll have to ask mom if dad has quirks. I can't think of any. He used to wear those half glasses at the end of his nose so that he could read small print. Said his eyes weren't bad, his arms were just too short. He had a certain way of looking over his glasses at us. But he has new glasses now, so I don't think that quirk is still around. He does have a certain hand motion that he uses when he's preaching. If I could only see his hands when he's preaching, I would know it was him.

Mimi slaps anyone who takes a piece of chess cake. You don't mess with her chess cake.

I don't like anyone else using my pillow. I don't know why, I just don't like it. Big Dad likes to use my pillow. So when he does, I move something in his office.

Quirks individualize us. Make us unique. Define us as couples. They can drive us crazy, but at the same time they are the things that we miss when that person is gone.

Thank God for quirks.

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