Saturday, July 28, 2012


OK, I actually had fun today with Big Dad, putzing around the house and decluttering.  I guess it's late spring cleaning.  We just bought a dining room table, and we weren't sure how we wanted it to sit in the dining room.  So we just took everything out to move things around.  But then we thought we might as well steam clean the carpet.  So we did.  Then I started looking at the curtains and realized they could be washed, so I did.  But that's when BD saw a nick or two in the paint, so he got out the paint and touched up.  He also noticed that the curtain rod needed to be more secure, so he fixed that, too.  Then we played around with the furniture. 

I think we've got it the way we want it.  It will be perfect when I move my school stuff out of there on Monday. ;)

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