Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Air's Out

It's getting to be a yearly thing.  I guess we should just plan on it in the budget.  Our air conditioner is out again.  Almost a year to the day.

I called about getting a technician to come out, and the lady said, "Well, I see we replaced your capacitor last week...is it still not working?"  I corrected her mistake, and that's when I realized it's a repeat of last year.  Not my own memory, mind you.  That's failing quick.

I actually kind of like watching technicians come out.  I've said before, I like to watch people who are good at what they do, and air conditioner technicians fall into that category.  I learned a lot about capacitors last year and how to tell when they go bad.  Not that it will help me, really.  By the time it goes out again,  I'll have to remember that info, and I did mention that my memory is failing, right?

I also like figuring out how things work.  I used to love my kids' Beast Wars transformers, even though they'd frustrate me to no end.  But learning about mechanical things is fun, and I enjoy making the link to things I'll be teaching the kids.  That's probably the main motivating factor, not some self professed love of intricate things to give myself the appearance of intellectual superiority.  The real truth is it gives me something to use with kids that are smarter than me!  Now THAT'S smart thinking.

The technician will be here in a few.  Gotta go watch.


Craver Vii said...

No AC in Texas?? Oh, that's gotta be rough. We temporarily lost power last night (near Chicago) and I was wondering how we would be able to sleep (without air conditioning). Thanks be to the Lord, that the power was restored before we hit the sack.

Lifelong Learner said...

It was worse when it happened last year. It was 94 at night! Of course we were in our 40-something day of triple digit heat then. This year it stayed about 85... You can sleep in that. I'm glad your power came back on! That's even worse!