Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ends and beginnings

I know I've complained about how hard the rating position was, but wow.  What a learning experience.  I'm glad I was able to rate, even though it meant long hours and a little less sleep.

I've been thinking about getting my Master's for awhile, but I've not been happy with the choices available.  I want to study something I'm passionate about, not just a degree that means more pay.  Enter the Master's of Education with an emphasis in mind, brain and education!  It's a mixture of neuroscience and education and has got me so excited I can hardly stand it!

Apparently this is a new field, and this degree looks at the way the brain learns and matches it with educational strategies so that those in this field can design better curriculum that meets the needs of kids' learning styles whether they have learning disabilities or not.  It's the path I've been on since teaching at the international school in Taiwan.

So...GRE, here I come!

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