Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Realizing How Blessed I Am

We celebrated my parent's 50th wedding anniversary last weekend. While mom and dad didn't really care for all of the attention, they loved being able to see old friends and sit around discussing their stories they had with each other. Some stories I had heard dozens of times (which I love...those stories become the fabric of my children's history as well) but there were a few I had not heard, either. I had forgotten about going to Detroit to be in my Aunt and Uncle's wedding, and about putting my foot in the center of a cake when I was little. That's the joy of having family around. You get to recall more of your childhood. Collective memory is so much more accurate than a single memory!

But as I was there, I was looking around at my kids and my husband, and realized how blessed I am. Em jumped in to serve punch and cake to those that were there. Tim, Timothy and Christopher helped set up chairs and tables and decorate before the big event. Nathaniel welcomed people to the event and acted like such a little gentleman, introducing himself to people and just being a good host. Tim had people in stitches, which is usually the case, and everyone had a wonderful time.

Seeing everyone together, it was easy to see the mannerisms and humor that has been passed down through the generations, even though we've not lived around each other that much.

On almost every account, family is a blessing that should be valued and cherished. I am blessed.

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